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Welcome to Tech Data World! The only 100% independent and agnostic tech data specification and software advice network to the aerospace, defence and space professional!

At TDW we are passionate about the art of tech data analysis, production and deployment. From those needing to understand specifications like S1000D, DITA, iSpecs, STE and so on, through to those who need to identify appropriate and robust software/process solutions to support complex ILS and information generation and deployment needs.

Tech Data World Supporting tech data specialists world-wide

At TDW it’s all about independent and agnostic advice and guidance on tech data production and deployment

S1000DWorld – Resources and support for S1000D users

DITA – Support and resources for those using the DITA specification

TDW Magazine – order your copy of the quarterly TDW magazine

TD-iQ – Join our online training and learning platform

Online video lead tech data training!

Keeping skills currents and relevant is important to the modern tech data professional – at TDW we have an online video-lead training portal for our members to access.

All of our training courses are supported by real-life examples and fun, easy to follow lessons.


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Annual Conference – TDW-Live

The annual TDW conference (TDW-Live) is now well established on the annual events calendar, bringing together like-mined tech data professionals who need to produce and deploy complex information assets to support modern platforms and end-users.

The event focuses on the HOW of tech data production and steers away from theory and ‘blue sky thinking’. Supported by all major industry vendors, the event is now seen as the single must attend event of the year.