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TDW Live

TDW-Live the annual conference from TDW. Focused on the specialist needs of the aerospace, defence and space tech data professionals. See the TDW-Live website for more details and booking information.



S1000DWorld – our website dedicated to the S1000D practitioner and professional worldwide. Supporting projects make the right decision! GO


TD-iQ Online Training

The TDW online guided tutorials and training courses via our learning platform TD-iQ. Covering real issues as well as the use of specifications software and recordings of our workshops. details



In the dull and dark world of tech data – TDW injects some fun, charisma and energy into this complex and highly specialist area. Although the field of tech data in our domains is a serious business, we believe that you can still have fun and achieve business and project tech data goals!

At TDW we focus 100% on the needs of the aerospace, defence and space tech data professional. Why? Because these fields of tech data production are highly complex and have specialist requirements. Supporting those that ‘do’, those that ‘need’ and those that ‘contract’ for tech data or tech data capability in our domains of focus. We have over 20 years experience supporting TD projects and professionals all around the world.

TDW provides an agnostic platform to the TD professional via membership schemes, events, publications, education platforms and more. Working with leading industry bodies worldwide – TDW is the only independent and trusted platform to the specialist tech data professional. You can join TDW today either as an individual or corporate!

What some of our members and customers say about TDW

Thanks for your support – we really had no idea what was available to us

Great conference – completely focused on the reality!

The workshop was delivered by an enthusiastic, informed tutor who clearly had passion for the subject

The magazine is great and love the illustrations!

What a brilliant and well delivered training course! Making a dull subject interesting is hard – but you managed it!

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