The Independent voice in Tech Data

Who are we?

TDW is all about the technical data professionals in the complex and structured information sectors where there is a complex and often highly structured technical data requirement.

We focus on bringing together the technology advancers, software vendors, service providers, producers, users and procurers of technical data assets through our unique and highly focused events and unique membership network.

Compliance to specifications and legislative requirements is core to what we do, supported by various bodies who enforce compliance, we provide a platform for all involved to engage, learn and promote.

What do we do?

We provide a valuable and unique, 100% agnostic, platform for all involved in complex and structured technical data production.

We provide a neutral contact ground for members looking to be introduced to skills and help deliver to requirements. We connect members to members for your mutual business benefit.

Why do we do this?

We are passionate about tech data and the convergence of tech data with technology and how it can be used together. There are many organisations that focus on tech data as a generic subject matter, we focus like a laser on aerospace, defence and space tech data professionals to help organisations meet these challenging delivery requirements in these technologically advanced and complex specification markets.

How do we do this?

We do our work in a number of different ways:

Events – our annual events focused on our target markets is core to what we do, these events provide a valuable and unique platform to meet legislators, policy makers, decision makers and innovators in the aerospace, defence and space markets.

Publications & Studies – a quarterly magazine that is sent to our members and a number of key organisations free of charge. Containing articles, news, reviews and success stories within our market. We performd studies in the market on trends, usage and attitudes toward tech data as a whole.

Membership plans – we provide benefits to our members not available to the general public, we connect members to members. Support members with a specific technical need, we connect them to members that can help deliver that need.

Some examples of what have we done for our clients?

DITA Solution for a global client

Our client, a global leader in consumer statistical analysis and data collection, was in need of support and guidance on the use of structured technical information production as well as assistance in identifying and recommending a comprehensive and proven software solution.

TDW was contracted to analyse business needs and objectives then go to the open market and find the best of breed software solutions to meet the clients needs.

S1000D IETP Solution

A leader in defence electronics solutions needed help, advice and guidance in delivering electronic technical publications to an export client.

TDW was contracted to assist in understanding the business needs, technology barriers and assist in selecting the right solution for the client.

Assistance in producing Word based technical manuals to the UK MoD

Our client was contracted to deliver Word based technical manuals to the UK MoD. The challenge was identifying and working to UK Military specifications.

TDW was tasked to assist understand the process of delivering manuals to the UK MoD as well as assist in identifying software solutions that are commercially available for quality assurance and consistency checking of technical content.

Light weight 3D viewing solution

Our client has a team of technical authors who regularly need to open, interrogate and use 3D images from various solutions.

The client requested that TDW assist in identifying and supply a cost effective, lightweight and flexible 3D tool for deployment to the authoring team

Technical Illustration Services

Our client was looking to outsource technical illustration production services and was looking for a low-cost solution to assist in the production of ATA compliant graphics.

TDW assisted in canvassing the market and interviewed a number of potential suppliers in order to support the clients longterm illustration production needs.

Market understanding

The client was looking to move into the aerospace and defence tech data market and had very little domain knowledge and understanding of what was needed.

TDW advised the client on best practice, current production methodologies within the markets and assisted in identifying possible acquisition targets for the client.