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TDW Consulting Services

TDW has helped organisations make sound, sensible and business critical tech data decisions. TDW’s agnostic and 100% independent approach means your organisation truly receives 100% independent advice and guidance!

The problem is when you receive advice from an organisation or individual with an inherent interest in selling you a particular solution or service – you know the answer before you’ve even asked them the question!” – Michael Ingledew – MD – TDW

Understanding you!

TDW will spend time understanding you, your team and the dynamics of your TD processes.

We deliberately spend time with key personalities, understand their desires, objections and ideas,

Understanding your objectives!

TDW will extrapolate and understand your TD business objectives – how do you want to use your TD assets.

Not sure what you want? Not a problem, TDW will help you understand what is possible and how it can be achieved.

TDW may also ask you questions you have not asked yourself yet! Giving you some food for thought! THIS HAS HAPPENED AT ALMOST ALL OUR CONSULTATIONS!

Career Changing Decisions!

We see it over and over again – incorrect and bad decisions can and often lead to career changing decisions.

A bad decision, an uninformed decision, blind trust in what your are being told can and does lead to careers making a rapid trajectory change!

At TDW we understand this, we know the importance of such decisions and work with you to get it right!

No hidden finders fees here!

At TDW we believe that the ONLY way to give you 100% independent and agnostic advice is to be exactly that, agnostic and independent. We do not receive any finders fees or royalties from any suppliers we may introduce to you or your company.

Further more we have NO reseller or partner agreements with ANY service providers or software vendors. We are 100% independent and uninfluenced by financial gain!

Supporting you every step of the way!

We are not a fire and forget service! We believe that any investment you make has to return real benefits. We support you through meetings, presentations and assist you in communicating your needs to the TD vendor market!

It's not just software!

Of course we help many organisations make the right software purchase decision, but it may just be the correct use of specifications that you need to understand.

If you are looking at a TD strategy – TDW can help you make sound and sensible decisions for your company to see massive rewards.

On your side - no tricks please!

We have over 20 years experience in working in the TD technology sector – we do not and will not tolerate smoke and mirrors!

We support you in asking the right questions and seeing straight through patched up demonstrations and flakey features in software.

Our technology know how means we know just the right questions to ask any potential supplier or vendor you may decide to select.

Supporting you commercially

We know how any investment you may make may be significant for your organisation – how can you protect yourself commercially from any future failures? TDW has extensive know how on contract negotiations and protective measures that can be used!

Global know-how

Our world-wide experience over the last 20+ years has meant we know and understand many businesses. We know and understand common issues that have been solved. The chances are we’ve worked in an organisation that is experiencing that same issues as you are!

We know the global software landscape – we know all of the GOOD tools out there and the ones to AVOID!

If we don't know we know someone who does!

In the very unlikely event of not having an immediate answer for you, our extensive network of professionals means we have access to a truly deep pool of TD expertise. So if we don’t have a good answer – we know someone who will!

Just what have we done to support our clients?

Specification Support

We have supported numerous clients world-wide on the correct and sensible use of tech data related specifications. Examples like DITA, S1000D, Mil Specs etc are often complex and require some know-how to consider the pro’s and con’s of adopting such specifications

Selecting and identifying a DITA based solution

TDW was consulted to act as an independent and agnostic advisor on supporting a DITA based initiative within a large commercial chain. TDW supported the client in articulating business problems to vendors and then supported product presentations and ultimately the selection process

Supported a client with an IETP need

TDW was contracted to assist in identifying and recommending an IETP solution for a global defence contractor. The project included understanding and identifying project requirements, risks and ultimately a sensible, cost effective approach to a solution.

Create and deliver S1000D Business Rules

TDW was contracted to perform business analytics with an ultimate aim to create and deliver S1000D project Business Rules. The project included identifying and reusing information and process where appropriate to do so and creating new process for business needs.

Identify and recommend an S1000D CSDB

TDW was tasked to support a TD department within a large aerospace organisation with identifying and recommending an S1000D CSDB. The task involved analysing the current and future business objectives around S1000D, the scalability of a solution and then presenting a number of suitable candidates to the client.