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DITA on the face of it is an easy to use specification, software supporting the DITA specification is widely available and in some cases free of charge – but DITA can become complex both in structure and business process support – selecting the right solution for organisations requires correct and thorough thinking – Michael Ingledew – MD – TDW

What do we do at TDW to support the DITA Community?

  • Support organisations looking to migrate to a DITA initiative
  • Assist organisations in identifying suitable and sensible software tools to aid in DITA adoption
  • Run DITA based training courses
  • Run DITA based workshops, tutorial and webinars!

What is DITA?

Like S1000D, DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an open and free to use specification.

DITA also employs the write once and use many philosophies but adopts a different approach to specifications like S1000D. DITA focuses on the information at the centre and the type of information being produced (therefore not tying to a specific system/product). This make DITA reuse a real possibility and much easier to achieve.

Born out of the requirements of the tech industry to support online help data, DITA is becoming a rapidly adopted solution for many organisations who are looking for a more affordable, less complex and deployable data approach to their tech data needs.

Getting Help!

The DITA specification does have a large online community, which is mainly volunteer lead but is a great starting point to understand the underlying principals and philosophies of the specification.

When it comes to starting a project you are well advised to have at least some training to understand different topic types, data structures, META DATA and the like!

The great thing about the DITA community is that there is a growing user base all keen to support each other in being successful with the correct use of the specification.

Many organisations offer DITA support, training and resources. TDW is the only organisation that offers independent and agnostic training, advice and guidance on the correct use of the DITA specification.


There is no substitute for good old fashioned classroom based training, especially when it comes to the use of specifications and DITA is no exception to this rule!

Having authors and publication managers understand correct and sensible usage as well as aligning DITA to your own needs can all be achieved from a good, well structured DITA course.

Many software vendors offer a workshop type approach to your DITA implementation, however be aware that the workshop will be tailored to a solution and not necessarily to your needs!

TDW offers independent and agnostic DITA training and support to many clients around the world.

DITA Consulting

Like all specifications, as soon as you start to customise you introduce complexity. Understanding where to customise and how, especially customising to align within your organisation can become complex.

Often organisations get wound around the wheel worrying about DITA Specialisations when there are simpler, less complex answers.

TDW provides consulting to organisations and projects looking to employ DITA as part of tech data strategy, from your business perspective and not from any specific tool, product or service perspective!

Contact TDW today to find out how we can help you embark on a successful DITA initiative.