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Graphical Communication

“A picture paints a thousand words” we were once told. In todays global markets and varying skill world, not only do pictures paint a thousand words, pictures save money, reduce the need to translate and now graphical communication is driving tech data in many organisations – Michael Ingledew – MD – TDW

What is graphical communication?

When we talk about Graphical Communication, in our minds we automatically think pictures, drawings, technical illustrations and photo’s.

Of course this is still true, but now graphical communication in the mind of the tech data professional conjures many more thoughts and capability.

3D, VMRL, AR are some of the newer and modern ways to produce graphical (less text) information!

In a world where translation is a massive industry in its own right, how are organisations reducing these costs and focusing on rich and deep graphical communication methods to cater for multi-langugae information sets?

Getting Help!

At TDW we have a network of deep domain experts in many fields including, 3D, Augmented Reality, CGM and of course mainstream graphical communication methodologies.

Our network of experts can help advise and support you through a graphical communication strategy based on lessons learned, industry practice and specification driven approaches.


TDW can supply various training courses on both software used during graphical communication production as well as methods, specifications and process!

Contact TDW today to discuss your needs and we will send you the various options open to you.

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TDW can support you through software selection, specification usage and more!