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Legacy Data Conversion

When we talk about legacy data it automatically conjures an image in the mind. Data which is no longer applicable, data which was written in the dark ages etc! This is wrong, when we talk about legacy data we mean legacy [file format] data, this is the challenge, not legacy technical content, which is often the meaning derived from the term ‘legacy data’. – Michael Ingledew – MD – TDW

What is legacy data?

Unfortunately the term legacy data carries a number of connotations in the mind-set of tech data professionals.

Legacy data is on first instance considered data that is ageing, old or decrepit in some way, but this is not always the case. Of course there are older data sets (Micro Fische, Paper etc) which is by its very definition legacy.

Data that is in a file format that is considered dated may also be considered legacy, that does not mean the data itself is legacy, simply the underlying source is legacy. The technical content is still valid and applicable in some way!

Legacy data may also be structured! Yes, structured! It may be in an older SGML format that needs to be migrated to an XML structure. Even older versions of specifications that may need upgrading to newer versions of specifications – this is also often considered legacy data!

Getting Help!

Before embarking on a ‘legacy’ project there are a number of questions organisations should ask itself.

It is not always about where we are getting from, but where we are going to, today, tomorrow and the next day.

Legacy conversion projects can range from the very simple programatic conversions to the more complex, manually intensive, re-write approach.

Understanding the options available to you and your projects is key and will help save your project time and money, especially if the answer is ‘leave it alone’!

Sample Test!

At TDW we offer a quick and easy ‘first look’ service that can help you make the best decisions going forward.

Send in a sample document to TDW, tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will give you the first simple steps you can take in terms of conversion.

We may just surprise you, you may be told to take a different, more cost effective route! We may simply point you to a TDW member service provider who can help you with a conversion project.

Conversion Consulting

If you have decided on an internal strategy to migrate all of your data to a modern information process, standard or specification, then let TDW guide you through the process!

A TDW data expert will sit with you and your team, understand your content, your business objectives and recommend a strategy to achieve business success.

The fact that TDW has no software or solution to ‘sell’ means TDW can truly be agnostic and independent of blurred vision when making suggestions and recommendations on a data conversion strategy.